Rent a Birthing Pool


Birthpool Rental €165,- (for HB couples)
Birthpool Rental €175,- (for other people)

After participation in the HypnoBirthing® Training lots of students choose to give birth in a pool.

Why can water help you during birth?

Warm water has a relaxing effect and because you are weightless in water you can easily change position. Warm water helps also producing endorphins, your natural pain relief and often ensures a smoother birth of your baby!

The baby receives oxygen through the umbilical cord and will start breathing only when it surfaces. The transition from the womb to the world is much gentler on the baby and often water babies are born very calm.  You’ll never forget it when you see your baby coming towards you in the water….

Renting a professional Birth Pool

I rent a Professional pool (Birth Pool in a Box – Eco; oval for two persons) with all accessories (incl. hygienic cover) to HypnoBirthing students and others.

You rent the pool for 5 weeks, from week 37 up to and including week 42. You pick up the pool yourself in Delfgauw and return it. The deposit is €100,- which will be returned when the pool is returned in good condition.
You can contact me to see if the pool is free for rental.

Call me 06-11146876 or send an email to 

Look here for more information about giving birth in water (in Dutch).

Gift for you! Even if you are not a participant in the HypnoBirthing® Training and you are renting the pool, you can get a discout of €10,- for the healing Rebozo Closing Ceremony! Hmmm…