Babywearing consultation


Babywearing Consultation €95,- (1,5h)
or €65,- (1 h) 

Carrying your baby

We have been carrying children for centuries, all over the world. With each culture having its own style. Also in the Netherlands more and more people choose to do so.

Why would you carry your baby?

A baby is born with a natural “skin craving,” preferring to be very close to you day and night. For nine months the baby is cradled comfortably to sleep in the womb. In a sling or baby carrier you meet the need to be close to you, allowing the baby to relax.
In addition, it has a pain-relieving effect for cramps and reflux, for example.
When carried in a sling, the hormone oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone,” is released. This hormone makes a person feel confident, bonded and attached to people. Oxytocin thus plays an important role in bonding between parent and child; the higher the oxytocin level in a person’s body, the lower the stress level and the happier a person experiences his or her feelings.
During carrying, oxytocin is continuously produced, which, in addition to all the aforementioned benefits, also stimulates breastfeeding. Thus, carrying a lot can increase production during the lactation period. Furthermore, you learn to recognize the baby’s signals better while carrying and you quickly recognize what or when the baby needs something.

1 sling = 2 hands free!

Carrying your baby in a sling also makes your daily life easier.
You always have two hands free to walk the dog, hang the laundry and pay attention to your other children, for example.
Personally, I can hardly imagine how it can be done without a sling: my husband and I both carried our sons a lot because we soon noticed how quickly they calmed down and fell asleep on our hearts in the sling… wonderful!

Which sling?

There are many different types of baby carriers and slings.
The most important is to choose a sling that supports a correct ergonomic position of the baby. This position is created when the knees are higher than the buttocks (M position/frog position) and the back is nicely rounded. Babies are born with a rounded back, which develops slowly and in stages, plus the baby’s hips consist largely of cartilage which hardens during baby’s time.
And of course, your own wearing comfort is also very important!

I am trained in babywearing consultations with the stretchable and woven sling  and would love to teach you in 1.5 hours how to do that!
I can come to your home so you don’t have to get out with your little one….
We always practice with a baby doll.
For every next 15 minutes €15,- extra.
Travel expenses €0,30 ct per kilometer from Delfgauw.


You can also combine a Babywearing Consultation with a Rebozo Closing Ritual, for example! Extra advantageous, isn’t that great?

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