HypnoBirthing® Training


HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method in English
€ 499,- (with 4 registrations)

On request

HypnoBirthing® training

A delightful training through 5 weekly sessions for both parents to participate in, with lots of interchange of theory and practice. Whether you are hoping to have a birth at home or in the hospital, you will learn everything you need to know to meet your baby in the most gentle, natural way imaginable, while feeling confident, well informed and empowered.

Learn to Relax

HypnoBirthing® works by causing a deep mental and physical relaxation of the pregnant mother, and by teaching her to cooperate with her body, instead of -unconciously- going against it.

If a mother is free of fear and relaxed, she creates endorphins and oxytocin; these are hormons which create relaxation and block the creation of stress hormones (which cause pain).

If the mother is relaxed, more than enough oxygen is supplied to the uterine muscles and to the child, so she can experience a relaxed and serene childbirth.

In the training special attention is paid to:

  • Explanation about the different phases of childbirthRelaxation techniques
  • Breathing and visualisation techniques
  • Physical exercises/postures
  • Explanation about the power of thoughts
  • Bonding with your child
  • Explanation about the functioning of uterine muscles
  • The role of the birth partner during pregnancy and birth
  • Learning a massage technique by the birth partner
  • What if things go different?
  • Practical preparations like making a birth plan
  • You learn how to stimulate oxytocin and endorphines in your body
  • Communicating with the midwife and other caretakers

Dates HypnoBirthing® training in Dutch

Live on location

April/May 2022

6 meetings

Thursday 21 April

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Thursday 28 April

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Saturday 14 May

10.30 – 13.00 hr

Saturday 21 May

10.30 – 13.00 hr

Thursday 26 May

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Wednesday 1 June

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Postpartum Workshop

June/July 2022

6 meetings

Thursday 2 June

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Thursday 9 June

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Thursday 16 June

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Saturday 25 June

10.30 – 13.00 hr

Wednesday 29 June

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Wednesday 6 July

19.00 – 21.30 hr

Postpartum Workshop

(take into account half an hour of delay)


The HypnoBirthing® Training in English is given on request.
A training can start from two registrations.The costs are then € 599,- per couple; when three registrations € 549,-

Within a week after the application, a deposit of € 75,- should be done. The rest of the tuition needs to be paid at least two weeks before the training will start.

Unexpected cancellation is possible only until three weeks before the course will start; after this the full tuition is owed. The deposit is not refundable.

Missing one or more parts of the training does not entitle you to a refund of participation money. It is always possible to make up a lesson privately.

When to start?

The best time to start the HypnoBirthing® training is from the 22nd until the 31st week of pregnancy, but of course you can also start earlier; please be on time with signing up so there is time to get a group together!


You can apply by sending an email to:

Then I will send you an application form, followed by an intake by telephone.


Noordeindseweg 72
2645 BC Delfgauw
Free parking


Tisnienix is located in an idyllic spot in the middle of the meadows and near the woods and next to Café du Midi, a cozy restaurant with a beautiful terrace. Ideal for eating a bite before or after the training (reservation is needed)!

HypnoBirthing® training Refresher in English

€ 175,-

Did you use HypnoBirthing® already with your previous pregnancy?
We will go through the most important points of the HypnoBirthing® training together in 2-3 hours (customized of course!).

I am member of the Professional Association of HypnoBirthing® Nederland and the HypnoBirthing® Institute USA.

Travel and parking costs will be charged separately (30 ct per km)

Always contact your insurance company to see what part of the costs are covered for the HypnoBirthing® Training and the Pregnancy Coaching sessions.

Very nice training. Complete, well organized, both theoretical and practical, and plenty of room for questions and to share your own experiences. The atmosphere in the group was personal, cozy and warm. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to give birth well prepared and confidently.

Marie-Louise Dingjan