Several people who have participated in the HypnoBirthing course or the Postpartum workshop, or who have visited me for coaching sessions, share their experiences here. Hopefully this will give you a slightly better idea of my working method and who I am.

The HypnoBirthing Course with Salima has been very helpful to me. She has so much knowledge and is a very warm, sweet and caring person. No question is too crazy. The breathing techniques helped a lot during delivery. I was able to make concious choices; Salima explains what options there are and because of this, I also had the feeling that I was in control and was aware what was going on.

Mylène Bezemer

I approached Salima just before the due date, because I was somewhere reluctant for the delivery. It was the third time for me to give birth and I was very anxious about wat was to come.
Salima let me relax in two private sessions. She is a special woman, because I felt a certain positive energy that was very good for me.
I gave birth at home as I wanted and I was very relaxed. Thank you Salima for your support and trust, I needed that.

Maya V.

Good preparation is half the battle, as is the case with childbirth. It’s great that the course is given in the evenings and at the weekend, so it is possible for everyone to come.
The lessons are well organized and sufficiently varied, including something tasty and something to drink. Salima has a lot of knowledge and experience and conveys that well. This gives you as a couple confidence in the delivery.

Highly recommended for men, I personally had the feeling that I could contribute more during the birth in order to distribute the burden a little better.


Lots of valuable information you will get in the HypnoBirthing Course!
It is given with so much love and passion by Salima. She knows how to bring you in the wonderful world of childbirth and you are guaranteed to come out calmer, with more self-confidence and as a real primeval woman (and man).

Tanse Guth

I did the Rebozo Closing Ceremony with Salima.
The foot bath beforehand was wonderful and it was very nice to be able to tell and process my birth story.
The ceremony itself was very special. I was able to give a lot of things a place, very different things than I had thought of beforehand. Each wrapping had its own content and theme. It was also very good that my baby came to drink half way through, which was exactly as it should be. There was plenty of room for that too. For the first time since giving birth, I was able to really relax down to my bones. Salima is a super sweet woman, you immediately feel at ease with her. 100% recommended!

Ariene Krijger

Salima has given us a super fine preparation for our first birth with her HypnoBirthing Course. I hadn’t read much yet, but I feel super strengthened after this course to successfully assist my wife! In addition, the lessons are a fun and accessible insight into what mindfulness and relaxation can mean for you in a busy life; a super nice bonus!

Jurgen Vermeulen

After a traumatic 1st birth, I wanted a completely different experience with my second child. I did two private pregnancy-coaching sessions with Salima. Especially the breathing exercises and the confidence in my body, which I have gained through the conversations with her, give that I now look forward to the birth with confidence. The wonderful balance between theoretical knowledge and practical exercises gives me something to hold on to.

Mara van Gool

We would like to say a huge thank you to Salima for what she taught us on the HypnoBirthing Course, it was invaluable support during the birth and we are convinced that without it we would never have had such a beautiful waterbirth at home.

Mark van Herpen