Rent a Birthing Pool


Birthpool Rental €160,- (for HB couples)
Birthpool Rental €175,- (for other people)

After participation in the HypnoBirthing® Course lots of students choose to give birth in a pool.

Why can water help you during birth?

Warm water has a relaxing effect and because you are weightless in water you can easily change position. Warm water helps also producing endorphins, your natural pain relief and often ensures a smoother birth of your baby!

Renting a professional Birth Pool

I rent a Professional pool (Birth Pool in a Box – Eco; oval for two persons) with all accessories (incl. hygienic cover) to HypnoBirthing students and others.

You rent the pool for 5 weeks, from week 37 up to and including week 42.
You can contact me to see if the pool is free for rental. 

Call me 06-11146876 or send an email to 

Look here for more information about giving birth in water (in Dutch).