Postpartum Workshop


€90,- per couple in a group in English,
€185,- private

Do you want to know what to expect in the first period once your baby is born? Then this is a practical and nice workshop to do: much wiser in one half-day session!
Because especially with the first child, everything is new and it can all be quite overwhelming… it can make a huge difference to prepare yourself at least mentally (and to know that everything is “normal” during this period!).

Practical tips
The Postpartum Workshop offers you many practical tips and information for the period after the birth of your baby.
Things like sleeping, feeding, resting, carrying, fatigue, emotions, safety net, your relationship, uncertainty… all those things every brand-new parent encounters, how will that be for you?

Making conscious choices
We also talk about the choices you can make. So you can relax and enjoy this period too!
You receive a handout that you can use at home. It contains an overview of the most important information, and an alternative baby outfit list; handy!

Dates (in Dutch; in English on request)

Donderdag 5 oktober 19.00 – 21.30 uur
Donderdag 23 november 19.00 – 21.30 uur
Donderdag 25 januari 19.00 – 21.30 uur


This workshop is automatically included in the HypnoBirthing® Training, but can also be booked separately. In that case, please register at least two weeks in advance.
You can register by sending an email to or call me (0611146876) if you have any questions. You are most welcome!

Noordeindseweg 72
2645 BC in Delfgauw



My wife and I attended 2 workshops at Oervrouw:
the HypnoBirthing® Training and the Postpartum Workshop. We are very happy with all the things we learned.
Salima is able to explain everything in a nice way.
Her vision of bringing babies into the world in a pleasant, natural way and in a state of peace and relaxation, fits well with ours. Definitely recommended if you are expecting a baby!

Maarten F.